3 Mobile marketing trends every marketer must know

A wise digital marketer once told me that no one can predict what will happen more than six months from now. Still, the question of mobile’s future gets posed every day.

As marketers, we need to plan. That’s why f for my new book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Device I asked some of the world’s leading marketing professionals to reveal some of their mobile marketing secrets.  Here’s what some of them said…

1. Count on a continued evolution of the shopping experience

Consumers (armed with mobile devices) research, scan, post, and buy at retail locations. Some barely talk to anyone. According to marketer Rick Mathieson this group will continue to grow.

“When you go into the dressing room, you’ll be able to capture video or images of yourself in the store mirror and instantly send it out to your social network for instant feedback on whether the style is ‘fly’ or ‘forgettaboutit,’” he says. “If desired, you’ll be able to grab accessories from the catalogue and superimpose them on your reflection using augmented reality and you in the store, and your friends out in the world, will be able to have a real-time shopping experience. Depending on what your friends say, or maybe despite what they say, if you decide you want that shirt, you might throw it in your bag or just wear it and walk right out of the store.

“New-fangled theft deterrent technology will be disabled, and the transaction will happen automatically and wirelessly, perhaps on the fly or with the tap of your phone on a NFC reader, because you’ve entered your credit card information into a web portal associated with the app or because you have mobile wallet capabilities. And you’re on your way – without digging for cash, writing a check, swiping a card or ever again standing in line. At every point of communications -advertising or retail – you will be able to take action through the mobile device in unprecedented ways. It will be your remote control for the entire world.”

2. Expect the previously passive activity of watching television to become even more interactive

“Sports are all about live,” John Kosner, ESPN’s general manager of digital and print media, says. “You have to watch and experience the game live. You want to talk about it while it’s happening. You want more information about the game or other games taking place at the same time.”

Michael Bayle, nearly a mobile lifer and now senior vice president and general manager of mobile at ESPN, says that the convergence of mobile and social changed the time-shifting DVR model almost as fast as it appeared.

“I would argue that’s the biggest interruption that has happened is because of the success of mobile,” he says. “One to three years ago, one could comfortably record their favorite NBA game, baseball game, what have you, and then relax and come home at night and watch it – and choose if you wish to forward through the commercials and just get to the highlights. That’s almost impossible now because of mobile and the instant access to Twitter and other means of social media.

“Social is critical to be successful in as much as fans by nature will be social, either touting or taunting their friends or loved ones or even finding new friends just by the nature of how people rally around teams so to speak. I think there’s a concept here… the concept of the ‘game around the game.’”

3. Plan for more “context” and permission-based initiatives as part of mobile marketing programmes

For years, mobile has been called the consumer’s most personal device because of the way a mobile subscriber can customise his phone with everything from a personalized ring tone to apps and widgets.

Now with a consumer granting access, brands can take into account a user’s history, interests and location.

“With permission granted, tailoring could include the recognition of such conditions as weather or time of day,” says Nathanial Bradley, Hipcricket chief technology officer. “If you look at the progression of that targeting, it has to do whether the sun was shining when you invoked a mobile marketing campaign, the last time you bought donuts it was raining, whether the stock market was up or down or whether your sales were up or down during a particular marketing campaign or mobile delivery.

“All those ambient conditions contribute to a targeting that will become more and more enhanced. You can see in the future that if I picked up your cell phone by accident, it would be absolutely worthless to me because of the amount of targeting and the amount of customisation of content that goes from device to device.”

Stay on top of industry trends

In the hyper-connected, fast changing and challenging business world, it’s no easy task to stay on top of industry trends. Marketers must constantly develop new strategies to build and manage their brands, and engage with today’s empowered consumers. I will be speaking at the Chief Marketing Officers Conference, taking place from 11–12 September 2012, to help address these challenges and highlight the opportunities and realities of preparing for the future of marketing. The programme is specifically designed for CMOs, Marketing Directors and Senior Marketing & Sales Executives, and provides a unique platform for high-level discussions. Click here to reserve your place.

By Jeff Hasen, Hipcricket Chief Marketing Officer and Author of “Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices”.


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