What every business professional needs to know about Big Bang Disruption

Right now, many industries are experiencing (or will in the near future) major disruption. Driven mainly by IT advances, major innovations, internet and now “big data”, Big Bang Disruptions have major implications for virtually every organisation.

Here at Knowledge Resources our publishing and books division is in the midst of a  “Big Bang Disruption”. With the rise of e-books, the book publishing industry is changing at a phenomenal pace and it’s a real challenge to keep up. In order to plan and respond to this phenomenon, I’ve read widely and consulted a number of people around “Big Bang Disruption” managing complexity and systems thinking.

Paul Nunes on Big Bang Disruptions

I found the ground breaking article from Paul Nunes “Big Bang Disruption” in the March edition of Harvard Business Review very useful and enlightening. He stresses that disruption can occur overnight (mainly from outside the industry) and cause customers to defect in droves overnight! Take for example navigational product makers such as Tom Tom, Garmin, and Magellan and the devastating effect navigational services on smart phones had on these companies. They lost 83% of their business almost overnight!

Paul Nunes makes the point that: “Perhaps the biggest challenge to incumbents is that big-bang innovations combine with existing technologies (that don’t even seem related to your offerings) to achieve a dramatically better value proposition. Big-bang disrupters may not even see you as competition. They don’t share your approach to solving customer needs. And they’re not sizing up your product line and figuring out ways to offer slightly better price or performance with hopes of gaining a short-term advantage.”

Meet Paul Nunes and learn more about these disruptions

Paul Nunes, the global managing director of research at the Accenture Institute for High Performance and the co-author of Jumping the S-Curve (Harvard Business Review Press, 2011), will deliver a keynote address at the upcoming Marketing Directors/CMO Conference on the 18th and 19th September 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. His presentation will be: “Surviving Big-Bang Disruption: Strategies for coping with disruptive technological innovations”.  To learn more about this conference – click here now.

If the Big Bang Disruption is a concern to you and your organisation, I ask you to pass this information on to your Marketing Director/CMO. However, I believe even HR Executives could benefit immensely by attending the conference. Why?  You will be far better equipped to market and expand your HR services in the organisation. The exposure to high level marketing knowledge will prepare HR Executives for senior general manager positions.

Here is a guarantee: If you as a HR Executive attend, and do not find any value from attending, I will gladly refund you the complete registration fee.
Wilhelm Crous, MD of Knowledge Resources


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