10 Emerging HR trends every HR Business Partner should be aligned with

Over the years, HR has transformed from an administrative cost centre to a strategic business partner. And even today – the role of HR continues to evolve. One aspect of HR that is becoming extremely important is for the strategic HR Business Partner to stay aligned with emerging trends to ensure they remain relevant and effective in their role. Undoubtedly, one of the industry reports that can empower HR to do this, is by Josh Bersin and his team at Deloitte. In their highly-anticipated new report, Predictions for 2015: Redesigning the Organisation for a Rapidly Changing World, they explain key developments and critical insights to help guide HR, learning and talent strategies in 2015. As usual, the predictions are always based on thorough research and the report highlights the following 10 trends for 2015:

  1. Engagement, retention, culture and inclusion have become front burner issues.
  2. The redesign of performance management will likely continue.
  3. Time to address the overwhelmed employee: How do we redesign and simplify the workplace?
  4. Skills are now currency: Corporate learning takes on increasing importance.
  5. The trend will be to invest, refocus and redesign talent acquisition – leveraging network recruiting, brand reach and new technologies.
  6. Talent mobility, career management and the leadership pipeline have become a top priority.
  7. There will be a focus to accelerate and globalise the leadership pipeline.
  8. Take the plunge and invest in talent analytics and workforce planning – this area is now an imperative for competitive advantage.
  9. Revisit your HR technology plan, reduce core vendors and look for innovative new solutions that drive high levels of value.
  10. Review and redesign the roles and structure of your HR team and invest in HR professional development.

(Source: Predictions for 2015 – Redesigning the Organisation for a Rapidly Changing World, Research Report, Bersin by Deloitte) This year at the upcoming 2015 HR Business Partner Conference, which takes place in Durban, Johannesburg and in Cape Town, we will address these and other critical issues to ensure you, as the HR Business Partner, will continue to be successful in your role. Please click here to have a look at the 2015 HR Business Partner Conference programme and to see the line-up of speakers:


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