4 Employee engagement trends challenging HR practitioners

There is enough evidence to prove that employee engagement is strongly related to business success and it has become key for organisations to measure engagement. In fact, for some investors, employee engagement is a more accurate predictor of potential company value, than current financial performance or projections.

Commercial groups such as Gallup, Aon and Towers Watson regularly release global reports on employee engagement trends. Here is a summary of some of their latest findings:

  1. Globally 13% of employees are actively engaged and 24% are actively disengaged (changing +2% and -3% compared to the 2011 report ) (Gallup 2013).
  2. Gallup’s South African results reveal that only 9% of employees are actively engaged, while 45% are actively disengaged (Gallup 2013).
  3. According to AON the average engagement score for Millennials is 56% whereas Baby Boomers score on average 66% (AON 2014). Brooks (2015) concurs with the trend, finding that the Millennial age group are the “least involved-in and enthusiastic about their job and workplace” with Traditionalists (those born between 1922 and 1945) being the most engaged.
  4. When examining the relationship between engagement and occupation level, AON found the average engagement score for executives was 75% compared to an average score for team member and frontline employees of 61% (AON 2014).

But are those trends reflected in local data? What is the picture for southern Africa? Between 2005 and 2014, GAIN Group (Pty) Ltd conducted employee engagement surveys on behalf of 24 clients (annually, bi-annually or once-off), using the same set of 12 questions as published by Buckingham, Coffman (1999), in First Break All The Rules. With almost 22 000 individual respondents, GAIN has completed some of the meta-analysis and will be ready to share their learnings at the end of May 2015. We will keep you posted and share the results with you as soon as they are released.

In addition, to ensure you stay on top of the latest trends emerging in the field of HR, don’t miss our upcoming HR Business Partner Conference 2015 taking place in:

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About GAIN Group’s People in Business division:

What gets measured can be managed and only what you can manage can you improve. For this reason GAIN Group offers Engagement, Culture and Corporate Value Surveys to measure the status quo in your company and to design and implement interventions to improve your business results through your people.

Anneke de Bod, Freda Gray and Bonolo Mokotedi all have a keen interest in the various aspects of the link between Employee and Customer Engagement and Business Results. Contact us for more information by emailing freda@gain.za.net.


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