About Us

Knowledge Resources is committed to bringing you cutting-edge and evidence-based knowledge that make companies and people better.

We offer:

BUSINESS BOOKS: Over the past 21 years, Knowledge Resources has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of business books and training materials in southern Africa, providing informative publications by some of the country’s most skilled professionals and authors.  Apart from our own publications, we also import and sell the latest and best business publications from authors across the world. Browse our online store for the latest and best business publications available today!  

CONFERENCES, SEMINARS & WORKSHOPS to further your development:  We design and host workshops, seminars and conferences for professionals, executives and administrative staff. Our continuous research into both local and global trends means our material is always at the front line of innovation, equipping you with the latest and most relevant tools. View our schedule now…  

CAREER TRAINING to advance your career:  We offer a rapidly growing number of in-house training programmes, which can be customised specifically to your organisational needs. Our solid product knowledge enables us to provide you with the most beneficial information, and our practical hands-on approach means that you and your staff will walk away with usable skills and knowledge that can be applied in your particular environment. Contact us to discuss your in-house training requirements

HUMAN CAPITAL REVIEW: This online magazine offers articles that are authoritive, strategic by nature and provides fresh and original viewpoints to HR Professionals. Focus is shifted to International perspectives with specific implications for the HR Practitioner in emerging markets. Discover more about subscribing.

The team at Knowledge Resources has built a reputation for providing a service of uncompromising quality with exceptional passion. Our strength lies in our deep understanding of the needs and challenges that are specific to the South African business sector. Visit our website to discover more.


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